Akai S900 with Internal Floppy Emulator

“Akai S900 sampler with USB floppy disk emulator upgrade.

Ive had the Akai for about 3 years now and it doesnt get used enough hense me parting ways with it. It sounds amazing if youre looking for that vintage 12bit sound. I upgraded the floppy disk drive to a USB shortly after buying it. I do still have the original floppy disk drive which i can include if the buyer wants it. I cant confirm if it works though unfortunitely.

The unit has been well looked after by myself but given its age it does have alot of cosmetic damage to the outer casing. As you can see from the photos it has some scratches and bumps to it but they are all artifical.

Fully working
rack ears included
Gotek Floppy disk emulator (USB included with floppy disk images loaded)

Akai S900 PCB

“AKAI S900 Sampler Motherboard PC CPU.

Hi and welcome to my auction. Here listed honestly for sale is an AKAI S900 Sampler Motherboard PC CPU Board for Spares or Repair.
I acquired this some years ago from the highly regarded Audio Laboratories in Leeds when they ceased trading due to retirement.

Phil and Vic kept meticulous records taking any faulty parts and listing the faults presented upon their examination.

There is no fault tag attached to this board so there is every chance that this may be a completely functional board. Unfortunately I have no way of testing this board so I am erring on the side of caution and listing it as spares or repair.

Please examine the pictures closely as they form a part of the description.”
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Akai S900

“Akai S900 Vintage Digital Sampler

Good working condition. Sound-wise everything seems to be functioning as intended.

Unmodified, all original parts. Supplied with rack ears and a stack of high density floppy’s. The power cable is a European type but will be supplied with the UK adapter show.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Akai S900

“This is an Akai S900 Digital Sampler.

If you know your music you know how great these are, this is a very good example.

There are a few light scratches on the top but the front is almost perfect.

Comes with the original mains lead, which is a bit different from normal ones”

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Akai S900 Project Machine

“PHYSICAL CONDITION: Good – There are some minor scuffs and dings around the item. The power button is pushed in and doesn’t come back out as well. Otherwise, each button and knob is still perfectly intact and ready for use. The overall physical condition is good. WORKING CONDITION : Poor – Barely powers on but is otherwise in decent shape. Needs to be recapped but it could work fine once it has new capacitors, specifically in the power supply. Overall working condition is poor. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Akai S900

“This item has been used before.It works fine as intended.Please understand that this is a used product.Power cord included.LCD backlight replacedContrast is a little light, but it does not affect the operation.” Click here to visit listing on eBay