Akai S900

” This is an Akai S900 12-bit 2U Digital MIDI Sampler in good condition. It still powers up and appears to be in working condition. We do not have any floppies to load music from, but it did appear to format the floppy when we put the disk in. A knob and part of another knob are missing but otherwise this unit appears to be in great shape. It was used in a production studio and has been in storage for several years. A few light scratches are on the case, but otherwise this unit is in great shape.”
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Equiment lot including Akai S900, S950 S3000XL

“Complete music studio

Commodore monitor 1084s

Amiga Keyboard

professional akai midi digital sampler s900 – missing two button knobs see picture

professional akai midi digital sampler s950 – edge has slightly bent on one of them see picture

Akai professional midi stereo digital sampler s3000xl

Drawmer dual gated compressor limiter mx30

Logic 3 speed mouse

6 blank Sony 2hd floppy disks

Techno sound turbo Amiga stereo sampling cartridge

MIDI master a500/2000

Commodore power pack

All leads needed included

Samples x6

Samples floppy disks music programmes octamed v4/v5 in box 41” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Akai S900

AKAI Professional MDI S900 Roland P-330 Digital Piano 360 Systems Midi Patcher.

Item includes all 3 units plus rack.

Top: 360 Systems Midi Patcher 8×8 Routing System with Memory.

Made in USA. Los Angeles, California

Middle: Roland model: P-330

Serial number: 934209

Made in Japan.

Bottom: AKAI Professional MDI Digital Sampler

Model: S900

Serial number: 20655-00106

AKAI Electric Co, LTD

Made in Japan

Rack included” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Akai S900

“Akai S900 (Vintage Sampler).

Der akai 900 hat quasi alles anbei ๐Ÿ™‚ sd cardreader, lcd Display und den geilen Klang der ziemlich teuren akai mpc60.

Macht mir ein Angebot. Er wurde vor kurzen mit einer professionellen Reinigung beauftragt.

Der sollte erstmal halten. Das Laufwerk funktioniert bestens.”

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Akai MS-9C 16 Bit Upgrade for Akai S-900

“16 BIT Upgrade per Campionatore AKAI S900
Questa scheda รจ la famosa Marion Systems progettata da
Tom Oberheim per portare la risoluzione dell’S900 da 12 a
16 BIT.

Oltre ad aumentare la risoluzione dei campioni, la scheda
implementa la risposta in frequenza e la gamma dinamica utilizzabile,
oltre ad avere nuovi filtri su ingressi e uscite ed un miglior rapporto
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Akai S900

” Akai S900 Digital Rack Hardware Sampler. Condition is “Used”. Fully functional. Ive just used the photos from the guy that sold it to me. The body is a bit worn, and the dial knob is missing. Bought on here recently and i just wish to recoup what i originally paid. I have not used it other than to turn it on and check it is functional.” Click here to visit listing on eBay