Akai MPC60II

“Here I have a Akai MPC60ii in amazing condition. All buttons are white, the lettering is still visible the frame is flawless! For a machine this old it was taken care off! It does have a slight crack on the top! Very tiny and unoticable! Upon buying this unit, I did have to power it on twice for commands to work, when using it first thing in the morning. There’s images confirming that all commands work! I can even send a personal video or anything too! I’m guessing it needs a cleaning on the inside or loose connections? Otherwise it works flawlessly!! Selling because my car got a check engine light and I’d like to be prepared for the worse . ”
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Akai MPC 60II with Expanded Memory, Internal Floppy Emulator

“The goods are all in the photograph. Please be sure to check the condition of the product by photos. Questions are always available in the message. Super rare! Beauty products! AKAI MPC60 Mk2 Memory full! USB floppy emulator! Latest OS Ver 3.15 Switch all replacement! The highest peak of vintage samplers! It is an exhibition with rare full specs that are hard to come out. The retro feeling is irresistible. A masterpiece that created the golden age of hip-hop in the 90’s! Considering the release, I think it is in very good condition. 12bit sound! The thick and powerful sound that can only be produced by this, and after all, the shaking of the sequence has a unique groove that the DAW cannot imitate. Since it has been maintained, you can use it with confidence.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Akai MPC 60II Project Machine

“This MPC is in great condition cosmetically and was well cared for.I had the screen replaced so it was brighter, HOWEVER:After a few months, it stopped showing the screen when turned on. Normally when you turn on these, you are taken to the initial screen. This seems to boot up, bur the display shows nothing. It belonged to a producer that made classic rap records on this unit. Im pretty sure it is an easy fix, but i no longer have the time to have to work on it. Its a beautiful unit. I am selling as is, no returns.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Akai MPC 60II with Floppy Emulator

” The legendary akai mpc 60 mk2 (With headphones output). With Gotek Usb HxC Emulator working and with a USB Stick 8GB ready to work. Max memory. Red phat pads from Mpc Stuff Store. 125 Volts. Made in Japan. Vimana Chipset 3,15B is the latest OS for the Mpc 60 that lets you make things that wasnt possible on the original OS. Dopest sound for Lofi, boombap and fat sound. The best MPC ive ever had. Great condition.”
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Akai MPC 60II

“Akai MPC60ii. Condition is Used. Shipped fedex

Stupid clean mpc 60 ii

Got it fixed and looked at by Bruce forat in la

New screws

New backlight but kept it original. No lcd

New floppy disk drive

Comes with 3.15 update but needs memory to be maxed

Comes with power cable

Reason for selling is because I prefer the s950

Don’t need a sequencer .

I paid money to get this fixed . So in the sale i am calculating what I put into this machine .”
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