Akai S612

“Vintage Akai Midi Digital Sampler S612. The unit is a 19” rack mount measuring approximately (Face 19”) body 17 ¼” X 14 ¼” 3 ½”. I am not familiar with the unit and do not have the equipment to properly test it however I did power the unit through a mixer and amp and produce sound from a microphone. I was not able or capable of testing any of the other functions available. I was able to have the channel led change and have some of the other buttons light up when selected. A few of the pictures show some of the indicator buttons and the record level indicator lighted along with a few different channels indicated on the led. There are a number of scratches on the top of the front panel probably from installing and removing from a rack mount system. This is a vintage used item and does shows signs of use with scratches, mars, etc. This is an older unit and could require some repair service. In addition I do have a video of it playing through a microphone that I would post on you tube for a serious buyer. The unit is being SOLD USED AS /IS.” Click here to search for MPCs on eBay

Akai S612 with Akai MD280

“The s612 is in good shape, has been turned on and played with on Dec. 22, 2020. The sliders were sprayed with Electronic Cleaner to fix crackling. Could use a good clean due to crackling. The colour cap on the ‘filter’ knob is missing.

Listed as ‘ for parts or not working ‘ due to intermittent crackling of “start/end” slider.

The MD280 unit works intermittently. I was able to load a few disks, then it would stop working and then start again. It is recommended that you service the MD280 or install a drive emulator for it. (NOT WORKING — FOR PARTS)

What is included:
– Generic Box Holding Akai S612, Akai MD280, and 2 boxes of Akai Sound libraries.
– Akai S612 MIDI Sampler
– Akai MD280 Disk Drive
– 2x Akai Sound Library Quick Disk boxes” Click here to search for MPCs on eBay

Akai S612

“Hi, thanks for looking! I’m selling my Akai S612 that I’ve owned for about 20 years. It’s the most feature packed and capable sampler ever made (just kidding, you know what it is).

Just pulled it out of the closet and tested it. Everything works, all membrane buttons are reliable, the 2 sliders work fine, all the knobs are working well, mic and line inputs work, front and back line outs work, responds to midi just fine. All LED’s work. She still samples for sure. The loop modes, decay, LFO, filter all do what they’re supposed to do.

2 problems are a dent in the top and a missing knob cap on the record level. Pictures show these defects clearly. Neither of these defects affect functionality. It has always been solid, never had any problems with it in the time that I’ve owned it.” Click here to search for MPCs on eBay

Akai S612

“This item has a distinguished history and provenance. In the late 1980s this sampler was part of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. In the 1990s it was written off as obsolete and donated to a national arts organisation that sold it when the organisation ceased to function and eventually disbanded. This item is a piece of genuine music technology history.

The sampler is in good working order and functions exactly as it should. This is a digital device (it’s a sampler!) but it feels analogue. All the controls actually do something in real time, so sounds can be moulded and shaped as if they were rubbery 3D objects. The 12 bit resolution is grimy and gritty. It’s not shiny and smooth and polite at all, and the filter is stunning.

There are a few ‘rack rash’ scratches along with stickers relating to PAT testing, etc.”
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Akai S612 with Akai MD280

“I am Selling an AKAI S612 sampler , with MD280 , quickdisks

The S612 sound is phenomenal and is the best sounding Machine ever made by the AKAI. This is old school kit and with a sound not available any more

This sampler is great as polifonic synth or drum synthesizer, to pitch, beef up and modulate drums samples .

It has an analog Filter and analog VCA to processes the signal which is the reason of it’s unique sound ! Also is unique the scanning of the waveform with the 2 faders that makes the work flow true fun really ( workflow is key often overlooked)

The s612 has been used and still is , by artists like Jeff Mills ,Efdemin ,Âme Etc

This item is untested but was working perfectly about a year ago, It has no power lead

Original instructions for MD280” Click here to search for MPCs on eBay

Akai S612

“I bought this from Soundgas in January. I love the sound of it but sadly don’t use it enough.

Incredibly warm 12-bit sound. All discrete controls so super simple to use, no menu diving here!

This has the ‘front panel animator’ midi mod. That means you can control the Sample Start, End, Filter Cut-off and Vibrato Controls via midi which opens up a load of other sonic possibilities.”
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Akai S-612 with MD280 Disk Drive

“AKAI S-612 Vintage 12-BIT Sampler With Analogue LOW PASS FILTER S612. Condition is Used.

Very unique sampler with very unique tactile interface and 12 bit sound. If you are after some analogue 12 bit sound and don’t want to have to over pay for an sp1200 this is a great bargain

Great fun if you are bored of using your computer for sampling

Has an LFO/low pass filter and sample start/end time can be selected from sliders all in real time

it all works great the only thing is the monitor pot can be a little crackly sometimes but all the other functions work well

I will also include an MD280 and discs. I cannot get the md280 to work -I’m not sure if it’s the discs or the drive itself. It does get power and starts to load but just sticks and never loads the sample, I will include anyway and you might be able to fix it. “ Click here to search for MPCs on eBay

Akai S612

“Up for sale is our Akai S612 sampler, recently serviced (including power supply overhaul) and upgraded with the essential Front Panel Automation midi upgrade. This gives you midi control of the famous front panel controls that make this sampler such a unique and inspiring instrument to use.

The FPA MIDI upgrade allows realtime control via 5 midi CC channels of Sample Start/Splice, Sample End, Filter Cutoff, Decay and Vibrato Speed.

The unit is in superb cosmetic condition, with only minor marks to the top panel.

It’s been fully tested and is working as it should be.

This is a 100v model, so is supplied with a small good quality UK made stepdown transformer.” Click here to search for MPCs on eBay