Akai S612

“Akai S612 sampler that powers on, many scratches on the top, axis of one potentiometer beside the line out that is broken too (se pics)
i have others pics tha ti can send by mail
sold “as is” for spare or repair without any accessories, the devcie is listed too on other website can be cancelled from hre at any moment”
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Akai S612

“Tested working and is guaranteed functional.

Cosmetically in fair condition showing moderate to heavier scuffs / scratches / blemishes from previous use. Unit is missing the lfo depth and level knob cover.

Includes Digital Sampler as pictured. No additional items or accessories are included.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Akai S612

“So I’ve had this unit in storage for many years, and have recently decided to have a clear-out.

The front and back panels are in decent if not perfect cosmetic condition (aside from one missing pot cap), but there are significant scratches on the top panel (as seen in pix).

The unit fires up okay, and the LEDs are working when inputting sound through the mic and line inputs, but I’m not hearing any sound at the moment from the output.

The monitor pot is also a little noisy when you rotate it.

Bottom line is that the unit doesn’t seem to be fully working at the moment, but whether it just needs a service or if there are more serious problems I’ve no idea.”
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Akai S612 with Front Panel Animator and Filter Defeat Module Mods

“Up for sale is our classic Akai S612 rackmount sampler.

Its been recently serviced and upgraded by the experts at Hideaway Studios in the UK. This included installing the essential Front Panel Automation and Filter Defeat Module upgrades. Its been thoroughly tested and is all working as it should be.

Cosmetic condition is excellent, with only minor marks and blemishes to the outer case.

This unit is a 100v model, so a step down power transformer may be required depending on your location.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Akai S612 w/ Front Panel Animator Mod

“Akai S612 12-Bit Sampler
with Front Panel Animator (live MIDI CC control of filter and start/end of sample) fitted,
PSU refurbed (new power transistors & new capacitors),
Audio capacitors replaced with high-end audio-grade Elna Silmic II capacitors,
3-pin UK power socket fitted and chassis grounded,
AFX favourite

After fitting the Front Panel Animator, created by D.A.Wilson of Hideaway Studio,
Midi CC’s can control:

filter cutoff
sample start
sample end
Sample Decay Rate
LFO speed

Inside and front panel in good condition. Casing a bit scratched (previous owner painted the scratches black).” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Akai S612

“Sehr seltener vintage Akai S612 12-bit Midi Sampler mit einzigartigem warmen Sound, analogem Filter, praktischen Start/Ende Fadern etc. Kenner wissen Bescheid 🙂

Voll funktionsfähig mit altersbedingten Gebrauchsspuren.

Viel Spaß beim Bieten!” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Akai S612 and Akai MD280

“Vintage and very rare AKAI S612 Sampler in great condition with original manual from when it was purchased in the 80’s! Also including AKAI MD280 quick disk drive with several quick disks! There are a couple minor scratches on top of the MD280 as pictured, but sounds/works perfectly! Owner took great care of it! We’re really hoping to find another music-lover who’ll cherish this as much as we have!” Click here to visit listing on eBay