Akai CD3000XL with External Zip Drive

” Akai CD3000XL. Condition is “Used”. Local Collection Preferred!

Here’s all the flaws as I know them:

When I bought this (in 1999) the chap I bought it from told me there was something wrong with the SCSI port – I’m sorry to say I can’t remember what it was he said was wrong with it, and it never stopped me from using it the way I needed to, so it could be that he didn’t know what he was talking about (I certainly didn’t at the time, and I still don’t know now – the guy was smoking something strong at the time and he wasn’t making a lot of sense – it was the 90s and a different world)

All I know is I used the SCSI port to connect the included Zip drive and load all the samples and programs for the projects I was working on and it always worked (I do have to change the SCSI port from 4 to 5 every time I start up… maybe it’s supposed to remember that setting, and that’s the problem he was talking about? I don’t know)

I have no other way of testing the port other from connecting the drive and loading up some samples, which I did today and it works. Anyway, be aware of that before you bid. Essentially some bloke told me it was broken but I bought it anyway and I never found out what he meant. (That tells you more about me than about the sampler!)

Also, I’m noticing that the LCD display is a little darker than I remember it being when I was using this regularly. I know it’s a common problem with these machines, but it is still usable in normal studio light. It might be that the display is being swamped by the bright lights of my kitchen when I took the pictures, but you ought to keep in mind that you might want to replace the screen at some point (I’ve found a couple for under £100 on eBay today)

The original owner’s manual is included – the front cover has a big tear in it which you can see in the picture, but all the pages are intact and in good condition.”
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Akai CD3000XL

“This is my Akai CD3000XL with a working 1GB SCSI Internal Hard Drive, Working Floppy Drive & Untested CD-Rom Drive.

I have had this sampler for almost 15 years, in that time it has been used in various studios and on the road. I DIY fitted the SCSI hard drive about 10 years ago and this is still working. The sampler has been sat in a box for the past few years and sadly when I fired it up last week I found it had some problems thus why I am selling.

– 1GB SCSI Internal Hard Drive is working. Please note this is currently formated for a Roland W30 but you can easily reformat this using the sampler itself to Akai format. This Hard Drive is alone worth around £50
– Floppy Drive is working perfectly

– I’ve booted it up and when I audition a sampler it sounds strange, maybe it’s a capacitor issue (Thus selling as spares or repairs)
– LCD Backlight is gone
– LCD has some dead pixels

Current Spec
– Running the stock 8mb RAM (both sim slots are empty
– No EB16 effects board fitted” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Akai CD3000XL with External Zip Drive

“Classic Akai sampler including Iomega 250 Zip Drive and selection of Zip drive discs and 3 floppy. SCSI cable and mains cable included (UK fittings)
Sampler and Zip drive have been tested and both working perfectly.
Akai backlight works well as can be seen in the photos.
Comes in original box but without the polystyrene cheeks/blocks etc.” Click here to search for MPCs on eBay

Akai CD3000XL

“Had this in storage for a while, so not sure on the performance, hence the low starting bid. On testing I noticed the recording level and master output knobs were a little wobbly, and the screen was viewable but dull (I may not have turned on the backlight!). The CD drive was also making a bit of a racket and didn’t seem to want to eject, otherwise all seemed to be working ok, however, this unit is SOLD AS SEEN.”
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