Akai MPC 3000LE Limited Edition

” I am letting this one go for a steal!! This machine is absolutely gorgeous and super super super rare. Not only is it to 3000 LE in excellent shape but this exact machine was used by Dilla who was one of my best friends, RIP bro. I made the decision to sell this because because I want someone to benefit from it more than I can . It also comes with a hard carrying case. I will upload a video showing that all the functions work on this machine and insure the package.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Akai MPC 3000

“Akai sampler MPC 3000.We have confirmed the output of sound from the Main Out. Others are unchecked.It will be an exhibition of the main body, power cable, and SD card.The main unit is equipped with Vailixi OS3.5 and SD card drive.”
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Akai MPC 3000

“Beautiful fully maxed out MPC 3000.

Recently serviced by well respected MPC technician Kanamit MPC.

Well taken care of and never left my personal studio. This machine has worked great with no problems whatsoever, just need to “thin the heard” so to speak.”
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Akai MPC 3000 with 32MB RAM, Internal Card Reader

“Maxxed out AKAI MPC 3000 w/ Microtech Dual CF drive (hot swappable), Max RAM, OS 3.5

Upgraded with a Microtech dual Compact Flash drive – the best upgrade drive for a 3000 and impossible to find now. Load two CF cards at once, switch between them easily, and of course this drive is HOT SWAPPABLE, so you can change cards to your heart’s content without powering off, unlike a lot of cheaper CF drives people have installed in 3000s.  

Upgraded to Vailixi OS; upgraded to max RAM (32MB).  

Details: Microtech drive uses PCMCIA to CF adapter cards to read the CF cards you will use for storage – both adapter cards are included (seen in photo of drive).

Issues: -The “Locate”/’W’ key sensor isn’t working most of the time – not really a problem, the Locate function isn’t necessary and I just used ‘V’ in place of ‘W’ when naming files. To me this was a non-issue.

-After long operation with LCD backlight on, LCD screen will generate a faint hum, which is resolved by turning off the LCD backlight (by pressing the LCD contrast adjustment dial to toggle the backlight on/off). Probably a result of heat accumulation in the screen and probably an easy fix by moving a wire away from the housing in the screen if you are so inclined – wasn’t enough of an issue for me to even do this. 

-Very small piece broken off of the underside of the lower right corner of the plastic sidebar (pictured). You don’t see this from the top, only noticeable if looking at it straight-on from the front edge or underside. Otherwise very little cosmetic damage – a couple small paint chips, the usual fingernail chips in the paint around Soft Key 1 – overall a clean unit, much cleaner that most 3000s I’ve seen for sale. ”
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