Akai S3200XL

” AKAI 3200 XL Classic Sampler, this was the flagship sampler of the 3000 series!

Includes effects board and the memory is expanded up to 235 seconds of sample time (not sure how many MB off the top of my head)

I used it recently and it works fine apart from the disk drive does not work and the ent/play key is now loose and needs fixing” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Akai S3200XL

“AKAI S3200XL – CLASSIC AKAI SAMPLER good condition with built in multi-effects.

Classic AKAI sampler. Good condition, home use only, everything is working perfectly apart from the screen which has gone a little dim. Still operational but will probably need replacing. Replacements are around £30 and can be fitted easily.”

Click here to visit listing on eBay