Akai S3200XL

“This is an Akai S3200XL professional stereo digital sampler. It has been stored for a long period and I never really got into using it so I’m not familiar with its operating system. The screen is dark, but visible if you view it on eye-level, it would need a new backlight. It boots up fine from the OS floppy, I don’t know if it can boot from internal storage or not. Someone who understands the akai OS better might be able to get much more out of this than I can. Listed as ‘parts or not working’ because I can’t properly test it, please bear this in mind if you bid on it.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Akai S3200XL

s3200xl “Akai S3200XL.

Not sure on working condition of this unit as I have no disks to load to test it properly. Therefore it is sold as seen.

It powers up as you can see from the pictures, and all the menu functions work.

I believe the backlight has gone in the display, but you can still make out what the menu’s are when the contrast is all the way up. Buttons are all still nice and colourful!

It outputs a sound from the test program when that is loaded.”
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