Akai S2000 and Akai S01 Samplers Project Machines

” Here we have an auction for both S2000 and S01 Akai samplers. Ive upgraded to a S3000XL and bobbed in a Susano Monster to give it 500mb hard drive so no longer need the S2000. I also robbed the filter AND effects boards from the S2000 and they were working fine while in the sampler. It does though, come with the 8 output board which again was working fine. S2000 is fitted with 9MB(18MWords)

Up to around 2 months ago the S2000 worked fine but now it wont boot from the floppy drive. It goes so far and then just stops. It also has to be booted up with the system disc already in to start to boot so im guessing its the floppy drive thats kaput. Please see pics.

The S01 boots up and the data wheelworks fine and runs through as it should. I have not however tested any further and have not actually used the machine for over 20 years hence why this auction is listed as “spares or repair” but it has been kept dry storage in my studio and probably will still work.”

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Akai S2000 with 32MB RAM, 8-outs, EB-16, External Zip Drive

“Akai S2000 Sampler With Eb16fx Board And Ib208 Digital I/O Board. Condition is “Used”.

This is an Akai S2000 sampler that I have owned from new in the 90s. It has had very light home studio use only and none in the last 15 years and has been stored ina spare bedroom. It is upgraded with 32Mb (aka 16 mega-words) of memory, as well as the IB208 8 balanced output + digital I/o board. In addition it also has the EB16 FX board installed (see screen shot of effects menu).

Comes with wired in power cable and all original user manuals and disks. Also an os2.0 disk that was released later as an upgrade.

Everything is in excellent working order, the screen is original and the controls click through fine.

Finally a zip100 SCSI drive is also included with power supply and SCSI cable to connect to the s2000. Sadly I can’t find the disks I had for this so couldn’t test, but the green power light comes on.”
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Akai S2000

“AKAI professional S2000 Midi Stereo Digital Sampler with built-in metal carry Case.
Operator’s Manual – 226 pages
3 x Micro Floppy Disks:
S2000 System Disk – Version 2.0
Demo Sequence – Midi Standard File
Work Station – Sound Library.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Akai S2000

“This unit has been through it! Heavily gigged in the 90s, a bit beat up on the front, a bit dirty, and not booting up via the floppy drive. However, it powers on, so my guess would be a drive issue. However, it’s time to pass this on to someone else with the skills to bring it back to full life!” Click here to visit listing on eBay