Akai S950

“Akai S950 Sampler – Vintage 12 Bit Sampler – Very Good Condition – Original

Used Akai S950 in excellent working condition. All buttons, knobs, encoders and functions work as they should. All inputs and outputs working correctly. Original floppy drive in good working condition, which loads and saves as per normal.

1.5Mb RAM fitted which is as much as it will take for up to 20 seconds of sample time. OS version 1.2

New screen fitted about 12 months ago which is still nice and bright.

Original power cable included plus some floppy disks to get you started.

No SCSI card.

The small yellow circular sticker on the right rack ear can be easily removed (just a midi # reminder)

Main casing is in very good condition with just a few light marks from rack install/removal.

100% authentic Akai product.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Akai S950 with 2.25MB RAM

“Up For Sale: x1

AKAI S950 Sampler w/
– High Contrast Display Screen (White Text on Black Background)
– Gotek USB Emulator Drive (with included 16GB USB Thumb Drive loaded w/ sounds)
– Max RAM Memory (1536 kwords)
– Most Current 1.2A OS (1.2B OS is only if SCSI card is installed, which this unit does not have, but you can track down and install easily with a screw driver and included harness)

This unit has been upgraded with all of the above specifications and has been tested to be fully working (all buttons and knobs, as well as a sample recording / play test). The unit has several scratches, rack rash and the front panel leans slightly forward (visible in the pictures), but it IS nearly 35 years old. Due to the age and condition of the unit, it is sale As-Is, but is guaranteed to arrive as specified. Finding a unit in mint condition will cost several hundreds to $1000 more.

This is a classic sampler with that authentic 12-bit sound we all love, be it 90s hip-hop, downtempo/trip-hop, jungle/d’n’b, breaks/electro, techno or house. This is the highly sought after S950 (more so than the S900) because of the unique sound of the built in Filter. These have become quite rare and only appear to be going up in price. ”
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Akai S950

“AKAI S950 Digital Professional Midi Sampler – Vintage Sampler.
IMPORTANT INFORMATION . When I recently did a Ram test the fault “IC1H” appeared which shows that the RAM may be loose. According to Online information this may result in a glitch sounding on longer samples. I’ve not come across this.
The machine has Extra RAM inserted (see photo) and can sample for 20780ms on full 19,200Hz sample rate, and considerably longer on the lower rates (almost 40s on 10,000Hz)
It samples fine and I’ve been using it with my Logic Set up to “dirty up” drums/samples before recording it back into logic. I’ve not used floppy discs with it for years.
The machine is sold in this condition and no refunds will be given.”
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Akai S950 with 2.25MB RAM

“Akai S950 – 3U 12bit Rack/Desktop Sampler with New Screen and USB Upgrade – collection preferred

the best sounding sampler ever, hands down. the s950 has 8 individual outs, and be programmed to be stereo, has the most musical analogue filter, and the classic time stretch algorithm.

this one is fully maxed out (see pictures) and has an upgraded “vintage acid green” screen that is much brighter than the original, more viewable and will never fade. it also has a USB upgrade so you don’t have to worry about using outdated and slow floppy discs. as you can see, that is not the original data knob, but that can be purchased online easily if it concerns you. i personally prefer the metal feel.

the original sine wave patch was over-written before i bought this unit, so i sampled my own using a vinyl record with a weird tone on it. if you’d like to have the original tone back simply sample a C note sine wave into the TONE programme.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Akai S950 with 2.25MB RAM

” For sale here is a stunning example of the Akai S950 12 bit sampler, a now legendary piece of studio history.

Famed for its classic time stretching capabilities which shaped an entire scene (Jungle) and hard hitting drums found in 90s HipHop and beyond.

This unit has the full ram and a white on black OLED display, comes with Original Box, Manual, power lead and rack ears.

Overall excellent condition with a few marks to the front top and some surface wear to the underside, but otherwise extremely clean and very well looked after.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Akai S950 with 2.25MB RAM

“This machine is responsible for entire genres of electronic music and even to this day there isn’t a software “bit crusher” or filter which can match that 12 bit sound.

This particular machine also has max RAM and the latest 1.2 firmware revision.

In very good overall condition with just some minor marking from being racked (see photos).

During my ownership I have serviced the machine which included servicing the original floppy disk drive. ”
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Akai S950

“Akai S950 Sampler – Vintage sampler – good condition. Nice bright LCD screen though the pictures clearly indicate the item hasn’t been switched on. I’ve ordered a new cable to be included which will arrive by the end of the bidding. Works fine and screen is nice and bright but have lost the lead within the last month. It hasn’t been rarely used and stored well.” Click here to visit listing on eBay