Custom Akai MPC 60II with SCSI

“I purchased a custom painted AKAI MPC60 II overseas and kept it as a collectible.
It has a modern, austere and cool finish.

It is a one-of-a-kind item. Vintage sampler par excellence! This is a rare and hard to find full spec.
The retro feel is irresistible.
A classic machine that created the golden era of hip-hop in the 90’s!
This is a very good condition machine considering the time it was released.
12bit sound! The fat and powerful sound that only this can produce.
The sequence of the sounds has a unique groove that cannot be imitated by DAWs.
It has been maintained, so you can use it with peace of mind.

I think it is a beautiful product in good condition considering the age of the product.

All switches have been replaced, so the operation is very good.
The LCD screen has been replaced, so visibility is very good.
CF drive for easy data management.
New PAD sensor!
SCSI equipped, can be connected to an external drive.

The unit has been maintained and cleaned prior to sale.
The buttons, pad, and slider are in good condition with no defects.

Main unit (with the latest OS 3.15B, 2MB of memory, all switches have been replaced).
CF drive installed (card insertion/removal type when powered off)
CF card 2GB formatted
Power cable
only” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Akai MPC 60 with Expanded Memory, SCSI, Floppy Emulator

” Akai MPC 60 (Original version) with upgrades.

Custom Swan flight case (this also has space for the included mains cable)
Roger Linn v3.10e operating system (EPROMS fitted)
Relatively new display with working backlight – (the classic style backlit LCD, not the glaringly bright modern type)
Internal SCSI upgrade (fitted)
SCSI CF card drive (replacement of the 3.5″ floppy drive)
CF card included – formatted as 26 disk partitions (named SCSI drives A to Z)
Memory expansion fitted (26.2 seconds sample time. v3.10e also allows a doubling of the sample time with a trade off in audio quality)
The padded wrist rest is still in great condition
Original plastic side panels (these often get damaged and a tell-tale sign of less-loved MPC60s is having 3rd party wooden panels fitted)
All knobs, buttons, sliders, inputs / outputs and pads are working fine
Printed & stapled copy of v3.10e manual (.pdf manual available here: )

Imperfections to mention:

Yellowing of the white buttons (JazzCat can refurb these if you want them pure white again)
Slight marking / wear across some areas of the edges – see pictures of the rear and just above the CF drive
Please remember that this original model of the MPC 60 was manufactured from 1988 to 1991 so all of the original parts and casing are at least 30 years old

Note: Although this MPC 60 comes with a flight case I will not post it. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Akai MPC 60II with Expanded Memory, SCSI, Internal Zip Drive

“MPC60II is is excellent condition. Fully upgraded in every way. No issues. Will be hard to find one in this condition.

• Mansell-Labs Vimana 3.15B5 OS installed – Look up the features of this incredible OS.
• Max Memory board installed
• Internal Iomega Zip Drive
• SCSI board installed
• +4 Outputs upgraded by Forat
• New Backlight” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Custom Akai MPC 60 with Internal Card Reader

“‘Custom’ Akai MPC 60 w/ Upgrades – MINT Condition. Only minor flaw is the surface scratch on the LCD. Very minor.

This was a fully refurbished project purchased from GHOSTINMPC. Just look him up if you aren’t familiar.

Custom paint (not a wrap). All tact’s, sliders and switches were replaced. Floppy removed and replaced with SD reader. Brand new backlit LCD screen.

From the inside out this unit is the absolute best “for the price” I’m listing it at. It’s amazing if you are looking for an MPC60 workflow.

I always get asked this question, why am I selling? Quick answer is I have 3 units from GHOSTINMPC and MPC4000, 3000 and this one. I prefer the workflow of the 3000 and 4000. Simple as that. For someone who loves the 60 workflow, this unit will be an amazing purchase for you. I wanted to try something new when I purchased this. I’m not using it much, so it’s best if it finds a home to get utilized more.

Running Vimana 3.15. For all the particulars on what this OS entails look it up online. It makes the MPC 60 an amazing sampler. It’s a Japan model, so it will ship with the power converter I purchased for the unit. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Akai MPC 60 with Expanded Memory, SCSI, Internal Card Reader

Up for grabs is a 60 with complete Refurbishment and upgrade, making it one of the best 60s out there.
The unit has the following spec:
– All new button tacts
– New pad sensors
– Replacement encoder
– new multiregional PSU with high quality capacitors
– Refurbished CPU and sync boards with all new capacitors
– Refurbished voice boards, with all new capacitors, and new ram chips.
– 8 output 10db boost
– Mix output boost
– SCSI upgrade
– Ram upgrade
– Latest operating system with lpf60 routing edits
– internal SD card reader
Headphone output modification
– LPF60 low pass filter modification
– Green high contrast led display
– Repainted jog wheel, volume, and contrast knobs
– Walnut side panels
– Plastic button restoration
– Full service and Refurbishment, and calibration.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Akai MPC 60II with Internal Floppy Emulator

“AKAI MPC60II 12 BIT DRUM SAMPLER Expanded SD Floppy Emulator Manual V3.10 (7/97).

Serial # 99125-00127

I bought this from a Reverb seller 4 months ago. It had a service by the last owner I was told.

I used it record a few dozen instrumental tracks. Very easy to use if you are familiar with older MPCs. It does require to slow the hell down and be patient.

All functions/pads/knobs/buttons work. However, please be aware that it is a 25+ year old drum machine.

Auction includes:

2 power cables(one long, one short)

Printout of software manual

Original memory/OS chips

Updated memory/OS chips(in unit)

Memory is 2MB

SD card is 16GB


The floppy emulator partitions SD card into sections the size of a floppy. This means that loading can require patience if you have not been organized in how you labelled and grouped sample sets.

Great sounding machine. Plenty of period warmth and crunch.

3 gain stage switches mean you can really slam samples when you make them.” Click here to visit listing on eBay