Akai MPC 60

“This MPC has been in storage for the last 20 years or so.

I powered it up and found a few issues.

It seems to be mostly working but since there are a number of issues I’m listing it as Parts/ Not working.

Things of Note:

– This is the 220 version from the UK. I will include the step up transformer I just bought this week.

– The disk drive is not working properly. When attempting to access the disk it sounds like it is trying to work but then reports back there is no disk in the drive.

– The main Left output doesnt seem to work. Right works, Mono works and All 8 individual outputs work just not the left. (‘Rec in’ also works)

– LCD looks dim

– ALL PADS and Buttons seem to work fine.

I opened it up and checked for loose cables but didn’t see anything but took some internal photos while it was open.”

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Akai MPC 60 with Expanded Memory, Internal Card Reader

“If you want an MPC 60 this is the one

– 3.10 OS
– Max RAM
– Internal SD drive + 3 SD cards
– LUX LCD screen
– New data knob
– Newly cleaned pots
– Newly replaced power supply
This is as luxurious as the 60 can be. Big bright screen, reliable saving, super fast loading time, everything works. My favorite MPC. 12-bit sampler that absolutely slams. Simple interface with a perfect sequencer. The titan of hip-hop and house music. I will miss it very much.”
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Akai MPC 60

“My (now retired) dad bought this MPC 60 new in the late 1980s and it has been his ever since from his studios around Carnaby Street to his current home studio. He was a jingle writer in London and wrote/produced jingles such as Coco Pops and Do It All using this MPC.

It is in excellent condition and has just been returned to full working specs by the Synth Professor (a highly recommended vintage synth repair service). The invoice showing all of the work is included in the photos above and it also includes a 3 month guarantee from Andy at Synthprof from the date of issue (so this will expire in mid December).

Everything in the photos is included such as the power cable, floppy disks and original manual.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Akai MPC 60II Project Machine

” AKAI MPC 60 II Not working correctly. Condition is “For parts or not working”. I got this in a trade always thinking I would fix it, but never did. So, hopefully, someone can bring this bad boy back to life. It will boot up at times. But other times it flashes and get’s stuck in some sequence. I have posted a video here you can watch to see what it is doing. Very heavy unit! I am in Nashville if you want to pick up the unit instead of paying for shipping.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Akai MPC60II

“Here I have a Akai MPC60ii in amazing condition. All buttons are white, the lettering is still visible the frame is flawless! For a machine this old it was taken care off! It does have a slight crack on the top! Very tiny and unoticable! Upon buying this unit, I did have to power it on twice for commands to work, when using it first thing in the morning. There’s images confirming that all commands work! I can even send a personal video or anything too! I’m guessing it needs a cleaning on the inside or loose connections? Otherwise it works flawlessly!! Selling because my car got a check engine light and I’d like to be prepared for the worse . ”
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Akai MPC 60II with Expanded Memory, Internal Floppy Emulator

“The goods are all in the photograph. Please be sure to check the condition of the product by photos. Questions are always available in the message. Super rare! Beauty products! AKAI MPC60 Mk2 Memory full! USB floppy emulator! Latest OS Ver 3.15 Switch all replacement! The highest peak of vintage samplers! It is an exhibition with rare full specs that are hard to come out. The retro feeling is irresistible. A masterpiece that created the golden age of hip-hop in the 90’s! Considering the release, I think it is in very good condition. 12bit sound! The thick and powerful sound that can only be produced by this, and after all, the shaking of the sequence has a unique groove that the DAW cannot imitate. Since it has been maintained, you can use it with confidence.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Akai MPC 60 with Expanded Memory, Internal Floppy Emulator

“A rare opportunity to obtain a fully upgraded MPC 60 with professionally installed modifications. EVERYTHING you could possibly ask for. Both collection and postage within the UK is available. Securely packaged and ready to go. Sold previously but relisted due to buyer wanting to send to a different address

Now takes an SD memory card instead of floppy, formatted and ready to use
Latest 3.15b firmware
Maximum RAM with 26 second sample time
New upgraded screen (not faded, it’s just the camera)
Modded with a powerful analouge low pass filter, which can be assigned to pads or used independently
Output boost mod on the 8 outs, now very loud and punchy
Plenty of work carried out by the legendary Jazzcat.
Serviced about a year ago, hasn’t seen a great deal of use since then. Everything works, and is ready to go. This mpc has been a pleasure to own and is very easy to learn” Click here to visit listing on eBay