Akai DPS12i

The LCD in the DPS12 can be installed in the MPC 2000 and MPC 2000XL.

“Akai DPS12i Digital Personal Studio. Condition is Used. Powers up fine and from all tests performed is functional, audio playback tested ok. HDD formatted ready for use. User manual included; no original packaging.” Click here to search for MPCs on eBay

Akai DPS12

“This is a great digital multi track recorder. All working.

*Just needs a new 1gb Iomega Jaz disk. As I’ve taken my one out cos it still has my files on it. They’re only a tenner on eBay.*

So simple to use, just make a new project, select what track you want to record on plug in the press record and play then your rolling.

Lots of demos on YouTube and there’s a pdf instruction manual somewhere on google.

Sound quality is lovely for digital, sounds crisp. Recorded a couple of albums on one of these and it’s so much more fun than recording on computer and a lot more reliable than recording on tape.

Got this one as a spare in case my one ever stopped working but it’s still going strong and this one is just taking up space! “ Click here to search for MPCs on eBay

Akai DPS12i

The LCD in the DPS12 can be installed in the MPC 2000/2000XL.

“Akai DPS12 12-Track Digital Personal Studio in full working order complete with internal hard drive, manual and power cable..

All-in-one hard disk recorder capable of recording twelve tracks. The DPS12 has the ability to record, edit, and playback without the need for a computer. The faders provide the ability to do a good hands-on mix without a mouse. All sliders and knobs function properly.

Bonus demo of track “Pope on a Rope” on the hard drive by unknown band!” Click here to search for MPCs on eBay

Akai DPS12i

The LCD in the DPS12 can be used in the MPC 2000/2000XL.

“AKAI DPS-12i Digital Recording / Production Unit – Stunning Sound – Excellent
what you see you will get no manual or cable it accept normal kittle cable the push button for on and oft
you have to use pen or screw driver as it is not there the plastic one more knob is not complete the plastic it can be seen” Click here to search for MPCs on eBay

Akai DPS12

“Vintage AKAI Digital Portable Studio 12, with kettle lead. Some cosmetic wear (red stain and broken button which could be glued), but in good working order. Running Version 2.0 but no JAZ drive as far as I’m aware, although external drives can be attached through the SCSI port.

This is from the manual, which can be read in full here: https://www.manualslib.com/manual/857538/Akai-Dps12.html#manual

The DPS12 has the following features:

• The DPS12 includes a hard disk recorder that enables you to perform 12-track recording/playback, and a 20-
channel digital mixer. You can record and mix down on a single DPS12 as if you were using a multitrack
• The DPS12 provides you with 12 recording/playback tracks (physical tracks) and 250 data storage tracks
(virtual tracks). Switching among virtual tracks that are assigned to physical tracks allows you to record
multiple takes of the same part or phrase and later select the best take for mixdown.
• The mixer section is fully loaded with EQ, Pan, two AUX sends, and Level capabilities. In addition to 12
TRACK MIX channels that control the output from the recorder tracks, 8 THRU MIX channels are available to
directly control input signals from the INPUT jacks.You can mix down the signal from a connected synthesizer,
tone module, and/or external effect processor while playing back 12 tracks on the recorder section” Click here to search for MPCs on eBay