Akai MPC 4000 with SPDIF, ADAT, 8-outs

“All options installed, fully maxed out. Includes hundreds if not thousands of professional samples on hard drive. Very clean unit, screen is very clear. Took me a year to find one like this that had all the options.Works great!

Issues: sometimes when I hit a pad it double hits, but when I use a midi keyboard it’s fine. The sides have been removed and the little holes on the sides that hold the screws to attach it are slightly broken – on the sides only not mpc. I plan on fixing all of these in the next month and when I do I will raise the price $300. So if you want to fix or just use as is you can save some money. Should be a pretty easy fix.”
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Akai MPC 4000

“My Q5’s slider is broken and unresponsive.When using sliders for beat making, I used Q6.Only PAD16 on the top right corner did not react.Sorry for the screen burn.The seal is a seal peeling spray, etc.Please remove it by yourself.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Akai MPC 4000

“This one is my personal unit. Very well kept for the past 14 years since i bought it new. It has never been gigged, abused, mistreated… only professionally used on studio sessions. It ALL works great and looks great .. Has the effects card loaded. The pads feel great. There are so many reasons to own and use one of these. The sound, the sequencer swing, the rugged build quality but hey don’t just take my word for it.. the 4000 has been on THOUSANDS of pro recordings. Those that own them know why they absolutely rock!” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Akai MPC 4000 with 512MB RAM, SPDIF, 8-outs, ADAT

“This has to be the best spec’d MPC 4000 available – Fully maxed out with ALL factory optional upgrades, including IB-48P 8 analogue output board, IB-4ADT Adat Interface Board, EB4JS Multi Effects Board and the very rare IB-4D Spdif interface board.

Also has Maximum 512MB Ram installed and a removeable 120GB SSD drive in a quick-swap front-mounted caddy (the drive is loaded with sample libraries). And the internal fan has been upgraded to a silent Noctua type. Also included is a new high quality plush-lined padded dust cover (not shown)

The MPC is in very good clean used condition, the screen is excellent, bright and clear with no lines. It has the latest (final) OS installed. Pads are nice and responsive.

Also included is the original user manual and printed, bound copies of the final user manual and the service manual (not shown), also a UK power cable.

I don’t think you will find a better MPC4000 out there right now. It is also the best of the classic style MPC’s – built like a tank, can sample at 24-bit (or 16-bit) and has the most accurate timing of any MPC, with extremely tight midi clock and sample playback.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Akai MPC 4000 with 512MB RAM

“One of the best and certainly most capable MPC’s ever. Built like a tank, and very comfortable to use, it has a sound as big as its physical size.

This is the rarer blue model that I’ve read is more reliable than the white. It comes with the following:

NEW LCD Screen Display (OEM Akai model)
160GB Hard Drive (OEM Akai model)
CD-RW (OEM Akai model)
512MB RAM (maximum possible)
EBIJS Multi effects board
Power cable (UK-style)

LCD is a new replacement so as bright as they come. It is the original Akai model from another 4000 I have that’s not been used. No lines and a pleasure to view.

Functionality: All buttons and pads work exactly as they should. Pads are responsive, buttons have a nice click. In general the 4000 is a very comfortable sampler to use.

Storage: More that you’ll likely ever need! Currently formatted in the machine as 127GB but you can format externally and re-install to access the whole 160GB. Note: the drive is held in place securely with velcro straps as opposed to the original bracket for easier removal and reinstallation.

CD-RW: You can sample from CDs or use sample CDs. With the CD-RW you can burn your final compositions to disc to play in CD players et al, and also save projects / backup. USB drive works perfectly, and it has a SCSI port on the back too.

Condition: I’ve opened it up cleaned inside and out, including all the buttons and pads! Condition was absolutely fine before, I just know I’d like to receive in the the closest condition to new as possible. The body was cosmetically flawless until I cleaned and somehow managed to scratch the face a little. You can see that under the master tempo button. It’s not major and obviously just cosmetic. Please see photos for any other details regarding condition. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay