Akai S3000XL

“Hello! This listing is for an Akai s3000xl rack unit. Taken from a now closed studio, it sat in an attic for twenty years. The unit has some minor scratches on the casing after years of use.

Before listing i power tested it and the unit powers up perfectly. I’m listing it at a good price as I’m unable to test it’s audio functions. Could well work fine but just in case it’s being put up as parts/repair. ”
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Akai S3000XL with EB-16

“Akai S3000XL with EB16 filter and IB802P output board. Excellent condition all works well comes in original box with power lead full Ram new disk with operating system and with all Manuals. Well looked after owned from new has been boxed and stored inside for 15 years plus. Backlight may need replacing But I think its fine. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Akai S3000XL with 32MB RAM

“Akai S3000XL Midi Stereo Digital Sampler – 32MB RAM . Very limited home studio use only. SCSI Drive for loading samples from CD included. SCSI Drive has been opened but never used.

Everything went software based not long after I purchased this hence the limited use.

Comes with original manual.”

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Akai S3000XL with 32MB RAM

” I’m a big fan of these old Akai samplers. So many hours of beats and loops and weird surprises have come out of this and the 2600 which I owned before it. Totally changed the way I thought about constructing music. With just a mic, a pair of headphones and a midi keyboard you can go deep. Some of the strangest sounds I ever produced came directly out of this. And though it’s easy to manipulate sound in a DAW I still prefer a sampler for some stuff. It’s nice using a standalone unit and getting lost in the peculiarities and limitations. Forces you to think differently.

This one has the memory expanded (32mb?) which I think gives about 6 mins of memory (mono). Sound quality is great and it’s quick to use once you understand the flow of the functions. It doesn’t have the effects board fitted but you can still find these easily on ebay.” Click here to visit listing on eBay