Akai S1000KB

“akai s1000kb very rare,fully working but sold as non-working as i dont want the hassle of returns on such a big machine.big box of disks,the ones ive checked load fine.new drive which i fitted about a year ago.reasonable condition for age,a few scratches.collection only from york.buyer ok to check out in york.also works surprisingly well as a synth” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Akai S1000

“Akai is a S1000 sampler. I used to 10 years ago. The power supply will enter. The liquid crystal is not visible almost has become dark. Look closely and you will see barely. I need your help by junk treatment.”
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Akai S1000HD

“Akai S1000HS 20MB, 8 output SCSI sampler spares or repair. Screen backlight, floppy and hard drives not working. Has ROM4.4, SCSI card and 20MB memory. Used to belong to Trevor Horn according to sticker on back panel. I had it from someone who used to work with him. Condition is for parts or not working. ”
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Akai S1000 with 26MB RAM, Internal Floppy Emulator, External SCSI Hard Drive

“Sie bieten auf einen Akai S1000 Sampler + 26MB Speicher Erweiterung (80EUR) + 8 Outputs balanced (ca. 100 EUR) + extra 2 balanced Outputs (ca. 50 EUR) + mit Gotek USB Disk Drive mit OLED Display (ca. 80 EUR) + 1 x USB Stick Formatiert mit Floppy Disks (ca. 50 EUR) + externer SCSI Hard Disk + IB 104 AES/EBU digital interface (ca. 50 EUR) + IB 103 SCSI interface (ca. 50 EUR) + ca. 5000 Sounds/Samples von AKAI + Software.”
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