Akai S1000

“Akai Professional S1000 Midi Stereo Digital Sampler.

This was recently got from a clearance so I know nothing about it. It powers up but the screen is blank when illuminated in white. Others I’ve looked at on ebay are blue. so I cannot test it any further. So selling as untested and as is. Spares or repair. Check all pictures which reflect the condition.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Akai S1000 with 32MB RAM

“Rare opportunity to get a S1000 fully refurbished so it will last for the next 30 odd years.

New backlight (I prefer the original look over led)

New PSU (One of the reasons why most die due to old capacitors blowing up the main board)

Floppy drive working (has a scsi hence I didn’t add a usb floppy also easier to transfer old floppies to scsi)

Buttons are clearly whiter than most models of if this age and clearly a well looked after model.

All buttons working

16 M words of ram”

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Akai S1000HD Project Machine

“For parts only, not working!

I have not tried turning it on, someone said the internal power supply is not the original one – I have no idea so I won’t risk it.
Please see power supply in last image. I’ve taken out the hard-drive but will include it in the sale.

Comes with two firmware? chips, side cheeks, display led.

Once again, this does not work so please only consider bidding if you want to strip it for parts or whatever.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Akai S1000

“This is in working order. I have taken a picture with the machine power on to let you see the screen working. Its difficult to see it in some lighting conditions so best to shine a light onto it for best results and be sure to set the Screen Contrast to the 2 oclock position.” Click here to visit listing on eBay