Akai S1000 with 6MB RAM, SCSI

” Akai S1000 Sampler – 6meg, with SCSI port. This machine works fine, though the display is dim, if still legible. Also the floppy drive is faulty. I used it for years without the need of the floppy drive, as I was using an external SCSI HD. Obviously the unit looks its age – btw there are scratches on the top of the unit that are not betrayed in the photos, but they’re not disastrous. I’ve priced this to take into account that a buyer might want to tend to the display and floppy.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Akai S1000 with Internal Floppy Emulator Project Machine

“I obtained this sampler second hand a few months ago. It was working fine and I upgraded the floppy drive to a new HxC USB emulator drive with a large OLED screen and Rotary Knob. I also replaced the old backlight with a new, much brighter backlight. (These upgrades costed me £150)

It’s worked fine up until the other day when I switched it on and… nothing. It doesn’t power on or at least it seems like it doesn’t. None of the LEDs light up and neither does the screen. Upgrading the screen and floppy drive was a massive headache alone for me and I really don’t have the technical know-how or patience to try and fix this power issue. I believe it’s a PSU issue. If you know how to repair these samplers or know someone who does you’ll be a very lucky person as you’ll have a working sampler with a fresh screen and top-range HxC. (If you want proof that I upgraded the screen recently let me know)” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Akai S1000

“AKAI Professional S1000 Midi Stereo Digital Sampler – Working Condition. The unit powers up and is in working condition -(as seen in the photos).

Please be aware I have only tested the power and the buttons/knobs to check menu system and response. I have listed as “Parts not working” just to be cautious because I have not had the time to fully test the unit.

The data knob is missing and the cover from the floppy disc reader has been removed… not tested to see if working but these can be easily replaced.

I bought to replace missing parts and keep but I need some funds for other expenses. ”
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Akai S1000

“Ich muss leider meine Synthesizersammlung etwas verkleinern 😉 und verkaufe daher meinen Akai S 1000 aus Studionutzung.

Nicht umsonst damals der Studiostandard und für mich immer noch der beste Sampler für Drums. Viel direkter als Softwaresampler. Probiert es aus. Gerade die Drums profitieren von den schnellen Hüllkurven.

Auch die Eingangsstufe ist für ihre warme Verzerrung bei Übersteuerung berühmt. ”
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Akai S1000

” AKAI Professional S1000 Midi Stereo Digital Sampler – Attic Find.

This is being sold in the condition it was found. I have only plugged with a standard 3-pin kettle lead to ensure it powered up and scrolled through some settings. Condition appears to be used.

It clearly has the cover of the disk drive missing as well as the 2 No. knock-outs at the back which is a simple fix.

The data control knob is also missing.

Serial No. 40955-**115 (Label is damaged).”

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Akai S1000


Good condition for age, some scratches and a little ding on the top case not seen when racked

Great sampler comes with 4.40 disk

There is a little line on the screen at the top and the screen isn’t the brightest due to age but these can be replaced here on eBay very cheaply and easily ”
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Akai S1000 with OS4.40

” Akai Professional S1000 Midi Stereo Digital Sampler. This unit is in pretty good condition, and is working perfectly. Usual scratches and scuffs on top and side as expected from unit of this age. The front is in good condition Unit has a new backlight Unit has a new power supply PSU UK/240v Unit has the AKAI s1000 s-1000 latest OS 4.4 EPROM upgrade updated firmware Operating System x2chips” Click here to visit listing on eBay