Akai MPC 500

“Akai MPC500 Music Production Centre Boxed GC.

Boxed in what I would call good condition. Only main sign of use is around the card slot. Please see photos

Power supply not included! Has been ran off of AA batteries” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Akai MPC 500

“I’m selling my Akai MPC 500 as I have hardly used it for quite some time. It’s in very good condition with no marks, scratches or dents and even the pads don’t feel broken in but there is very slight scuffing where the memory card gets inserted and removed but you really have to look hard to even see it.

The device comes in its original box complete with the manual and polystyrene protection. There’s no PSU as I have never had one but the unit being portable will also run off batteries. This unit also comes with the Akai MPC500 128 meg memory card.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Akai MPC 500

“This MPC500 is in good condition, showing wear on all sides from normal use. This unit has custom green performance pads and comes with the original manual, a wall power supply, a 4GB compact flash card, and the original manual all packed in the original box. This unit was tested and confirmed working by our in-store staff.”
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Akai MPC 500

“Takes a 12v DC charger that I lost. I personally use rechargeable AA batteries, which will not come with the unit. Everything is in working order, just a couple of small dings that you can see in the photo.

Comes with one flash memory card!

No manual, unfortunately. As I bought it used w/o a manual.”
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Akai MPC 500

“Pre owned AKAI MPC 500.

Comes with power supply. In original box.

Battery compartment non functional (see pic), but works perfectly with power supply.

Perfect MPC to get beat making.

Some cosmetic scuffs and scratches, but works smoothly. Pads responsive.

Ships with reformatted 1GB compact flash card for sample storage.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Akai MPC 500 Project Machine

“AKAI MPC 500 in original box with USB cable
16MB Memory

Has had some knocks as seen in pictures but still able to make beats!
All plastic buttons working perfectly
All pads working
Runs perfectly with 6xAA battery power
Battery compartment casing is broken but can be held on with tape
Q link plastic slider missing but slider still functions as expected

Original wall adapter is included and does power the unit but the connection is loose which causes the unit to reset..
This could possibly be solved with a new adapter or repair if you look into it more but I don’t know so auctioning with no reserve.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Akai MPC 500

“This is a great drum machine/ sequencer for live performance or for making beats in the studio. compact and easy to carry, toss it in your back pack and you’re ready to go. Unit is in good cosmetic and working condition. Very minimal wear from use.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Akai MPC 500 with 128MB RAM

“Selling my Akai MPC500 Music Production Sampler & Sequencer that I never got the chance to learn how to use. I bought this new in box and only turned on about 5 times. Device is in flawless condition with no scratches or signs of use. Below is a list of whats included in the package

– MPC 500 in Like New condition with Power Adapter.
– Upgraded MPCStuff Pink Drum/Sample Pads
– 128MB Ram Stick (Max for this device)
– Sandisk Extreme Pro 64GB U3 SD Card (Already formatted and includes 5 or so drum kits)
– Digigear SDXC CF Card Reader
– MPC 500 Instructional Video Series on Included USB Thumb Drive (Formatted to exFat so it should work on both Mac and PC Computers)
-Foam pads on bottom of device for better shock absorption and stability
– Original Box with slight damage to corners of box”
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Akai MPC 500

“Pre-owned Akai MPC 500.

Full working condition, comes with 12v power supply (can also be run on 6 batteries to be fully portable – batteries not included). Fully expanded 128mb ram and a 2gb card.

Samples can be loaded over USB or direct via the MPCs line / stereo 1/4” inputs.

12 pads. Various modes to record your pad triggers and arrange. Comes with MIDI in and out so can be used as a fully standalone MIDI sequencer or controller (this thing is versatile!)

If you’ve never owned an MPC before this is a great place to start. The pads on MPCs are quite tough to trigger (you give them a good whack) but you get used to it and the machine is built like a tank!” Click here to visit listing on eBay