Akai MPC 2500

“set content:Includes main unit / power cord / instruction manualAppearance condition:It is in a very beautiful and satisfying condition.Please check the photo for the detailed appearance.Items not shown in the photo are not included.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Akai MPC 2500

“Akai MPC 2500. Condition is “Used”.
Used Akai MPC 2500 in great condition. Fully functional. Pads are incredibly responsive. Truly an incredible machine. I was stoked on this piece for a long time, but it no longer suits my needs. Used gently and rarely, treated with great care.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Akai MPC 2500

“Is in excellent condition, brought from new then very quickly upgraded to a newer model.

Literally used a handful of times.

It even still has the screen protector on the screen as I used it so little I didn’t peel it off. As you can see from the pics.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Custom Akai MPC 2500 with 128MB RAM, 160GB HD, DVD-ROM Drive

“This is a maxed out MPC 2500, fully upgraded and customized. Considering reasonable offers but not in a rush to sell, as I’m still using it here and there. There are some issues, so I’m lowering cost and including extras accordingly.

Particularly, the hard drive can become corrupted. It happens with my SD > HD reader as well, so the issue is likely PCB/HDD or PCB/HDD connect assembly. Both are under $40 on MPCstuff.com. I only use SD/CF, which is quicker + I’ve never come close to filling.
Several tact switches require hard presses. All work, but may need replacing if this bothers you.

XLCD Large Screen running JJOS128XL paid license. Also included are the free JJOS128 and a 2 gig CF with original AKAI OS.

This unit was customized with the Full Black Out Button Knob Kit from MPCstuff.com:

All push buttons, smoke and black
Thick fat pads
Jog Wheel
Front Black 3D Printed Memory card slot
Slider Knobs
Volume and Q Link Knobs

Other MPCstuff customizations:

All the LEDs have been replaced with beautiful bright WHITE LEDs.
Forest Green/White Faceplate Skin
Water Resistant Hard Travel Case

And also maxed out with:

128MB RAM (for max sampling time)
160 GB Internal Hard Drive
Internal DVD/CD Drive
JJOS128, 128XL, AKAI OS loaded” Click here to visit listing on eBay