Akai MPC 2500 with DVD-ROM Drive

“Akai MPC2500 Sampler Workstation Music Sequencer MPC-2500 MPC 2500. Condition is “Used”. This item was tested for functionality and appears to work without issue. The screen accurately lights up and displays information when powered. This item comes with the power cord, a few midi cord and a few speaker cords. This item is in good physical condition with minor wear and tear as well as one missing slider for the “q-link q1”. This item was purchased from a third party and is being sold as is.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Akai MPC 2500

” Akai MPC 2500 VG + condition, lightly used. Has CF card, and manual & “MPC Bible”. Condition is “Used”.

I bought this about a decade ago intending to advance my beat making, but work, family, and life kept me from doing much with it. Its been in storage and unused from 2013 until now.

Cosmetically, it is in very good condition. Black paint coating is all intact, and none of the lettering is rubbing off. There was one very small scratch, but I went over it years ago with a black oil marker to prevent the metal underneath from being exposed. Honestly, I don’t even see it anymore, so I don’t remember where it is.

Everything is original. Works great. Tested recently with chopping up an Allman Brothers sample and sequencing some external MIDI drum machines. It has the preloaded samples plus a few drum kits I added in my testing.

If you know MPCs, you know they are professional equipment for producing music. I won’t go into all the specs because you can read them elsewhere, but to summarize this is a powerful Sampler and MIDI Sequencer for music production. Many hit songs from the 90s and 2000s were produced on this model or other MPCs in its family of products.

I will say this: this MPC2500 is built like a tank. Things are not built to this quality anymore, and it could withstand live shows and touring. Just picking it up and feeling the controls gives the impression that Akai really cared about quality when making this unit.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Akai MPC 2500

“This is an MPC 2500 Limited Edition (#162 of 500 made) that has been upgraded to integrate amazingly well with a modern workflow.

It has the MPC Stuff XLCD screen and blue Fat pads

The old hard disk has been replaced with an internal 128GB Micro SDD. It also has the CD drive and a Compact Flash card reader.

It has the most up-to-date version of JJOS installed, version 2.34 of the OS128XL. This is the operating system that takes full advantage of the larger screen. The advantages of the larger screen with JJOS are amazing. Step editing, piano roll style midi editing, larger wave form visibility for chopping samples, plus it’s so much easier to adjust the overall mixer pan and volume settings. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Akai MPC 2500

“For sale I have a Akai MPC 2500 Blacked out w/ XLCD + upgrades. Condition is “Seller refurbished”. Shipped via UPS ground signature required.

*I personally installed all of the upgrades on this unit. It includes an upgraded jog wheel right side PCB board, fat pads, black button kit, fat black pads, and an XLCD screen from mpcstuff.com. JJOS XL is installed as well.*

Please take into account that there are some blemishes on the unit due to age and they are pictured. A memory card is NOT included, but the internal HDD with the HDM10 kit will be. It will be restored back to factory since I have to transfer my projects off it. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Akai MPC 2500

“This was customized and refurbished by Armen’s Music Shop in nyc. It is in great condition and works perfectly. I don’t have the box but the pads and pad sensors have been updated recently. The pads and knobs have all been customized as well. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay