Akai MPC 2000XL with Internal Card Reader, External Zip Drive

” AKAI MPC Prof. MPC2000XL Drum Machine Sampler Fat Pads/MCD Drive/ New Screen & Extras

I replaced the screen and the C Bank LED myself. The LED is brighter than the original LEDs (see pictures). It has minors scuffs and scraps from normal use.

I don’t know if the external Iomega Drive works. The lights come on and it spins, however, I couldn’t get the MPC to recognize it with the connectors that I have. It could be user error, or not. The original owner gave me a refund for it so I am passing it along with the sell.

Items Included:
1 AKAI MPC Professional MPC2000XL Drum Machine Sampler Fat Pads with New Screen / New LED for C Bank/New MCD Drive
1 Power Cord
1 Genuine Original 250MB Iomega Zip Drive Parallel Port External Data Cable 25-Pin
1 Iomega Power Cable
4 Iomega 250mb Zip Disk
3 Iomega 100mb Zip Disk
5 1GB CF Cards various manufactures/ Mostly SanDisk
1 Original Floppy drive
1 Original Floppy cable Cable
1 New LED from MPC Stuff
7 New LED lights that are brighter than original LED
1 New CF Compact Flash Memory Card Reader
1 SCSI 2 Adapter HPDB High Pitch DB 50 Male to DB 25 Female DB25F Adaptor” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Akai MPC 1000

“Working fine as far as I can tell but I’m not an MPC expert so please ask if there’s anything you want me to test. Has had pads replaced at some point. Some scratches/marks as per photos. Missing feet but I’m sure you can find some stick on ones that work for you. Has a 128MB CF card in it.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Akai S1000 with Internal Floppy Emulator Project Machine

“I obtained this sampler second hand a few months ago. It was working fine and I upgraded the floppy drive to a new HxC USB emulator drive with a large OLED screen and Rotary Knob. I also replaced the old backlight with a new, much brighter backlight. (These upgrades costed me £150)

It’s worked fine up until the other day when I switched it on and… nothing. It doesn’t power on or at least it seems like it doesn’t. None of the LEDs light up and neither does the screen. Upgrading the screen and floppy drive was a massive headache alone for me and I really don’t have the technical know-how or patience to try and fix this power issue. I believe it’s a PSU issue. If you know how to repair these samplers or know someone who does you’ll be a very lucky person as you’ll have a working sampler with a fresh screen and top-range HxC. (If you want proof that I upgraded the screen recently let me know)” Click here to visit listing on eBay