Akai MPC 5000

“If you are reading this I am assuming that you will know what an MPC is. I came to the MPC 5000 from the MPC2000XL and I can honestly say I didn’t regret the switch. It has the same Workflow and feel but without the limitations of the smaller memory bank (21seconds of sampling). It links very easily to a pc so you can dump or install your samples/ programs etc. And it has a massive synth. If you are interested in DAW integration I understand it’s compatible with the MPC software (please confirm for yourself as I only ever worked in standalone).

All in it is a great centre piece to any set up,the last of the true hardware MPC’s and the bridge between the legacy models and the new range.

Now the not so good bits. First of all I would say it all works and you can use it but… the volume knob needs replacing as it only plays through one channel unless you tape it in position. The cursor keys are a bit “sticky” and sometimes you have to press them a couple of times before it goes, emphasis on the sometimes there as more often it is fine. The jog wheel works but if you wind it really fast it doesn’t pick up, a bit of contact spray should sort it but I don’t like to tinker with my gear. I was going to give it a good overhaul but didn’t get round to it so if you are not shy with basic repairs or you are happy to live with / repair the niggly bits grab a bargain !” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Akai MPC 5000

“Akai MPC 5000 Music Production Centre with Synth and lots of samples, sounds to use.

Recently refurbished. Upgraded pads to red. Good working order. Unlike other similar listings.

Boxed with power supply lead and manuals. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Akai MPC 5000 with 192MB RAM

” Akai MPC 5000 with EXM E3 128mb ram expansion. Hardly used, mint condition. This MPC has literally been in its box since late 2013. I purchased it in April of 2012. Started using Maschine and got hooked until I purchased an MPC X last year…lol.
Everything works perfectly and Pads are very responsive. I seriously doubt you’ll find one in better condition. Until I got the X I just couldn’t part with it. ”
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Akai S3000i with 32MB RAM

“Der Sampler funktioniert einwandfrei und kommt mit folgender Ausstattung:

32MB Ram
SCSI Interface
Digital Interface
Software 2.00
LED Display (Fiepen adé)

Zudem ist der optische Zustand sehr gut. Ich würde sogar sagen, dass man diesen Zustand kaum noch findet. Daher auch der etwas höhere Preis.”
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