Akai ASQ10

“Akai ASQ 10. Vintage 4 ch Roger Linn Swing sequencer (same as MPC60/3000). Incredible groove, easy to program. Works perfectly with bright screen. Requires Japanese transformer. Some scratching to the casing.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Akai ASQ10

“AKAI ASQ10 MPC60 Sequencer Roger linn RARE VINTAGE CLASSIC.

Rock solid timing, unmistakable MPC swing – very hard to come by.

Condition is Used with some cosmetic signs of wear which is understandable given the age of the unit.

LCD is readable but might benefit from changing the backlight.

Floppy drive returns Error code: ff80 – I am assured that this could either need a replacement SCSI fuse or floppy drive to rectify this.

Everything else works well – but I am pricing this item low to account for these two issues & am therefore selling it as seen.
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Akai ASQ10

“Akai ASQ10 Sequencer Circa 1988 Retro Vintage

Used item in full working condition. Has been checked and used to create tracks.

Amazing sequencer with rock solid timing. Same as in MPC 60/3000. Has legendary swing.

Has been fitted with Gotek USB disk drive emulator. Fully working means you get 999 virtual floppy discs on one USB stick. Then you can store on computer for backups.” Click here to search for MPCs on eBay

Akai ASQ10

“If you’re here then you probably know what this is. It’s essentially the rock solid timing sequencer section from the classic MPC-60. 4 independent MIDI channels, 16 tracks each for a total of 64 hardware MIDI tracks.

This one hasn’t been used in years but was used in the 90’s in moderation. Original owner. Included is the rare owner’s manual. I fired this thing up and found it to be working properly. This unit is in very clean condition, with extremely few signs of wear. I doubt you will find too many left in this kind of shape; this is becoming somewhat of a rare bird. Item will be shipped in its original box and packaging.

Software version is v2.13. There has been a dialog on whether it is beneficial or not to upgrade to the MPC-60-intended version, v3.10.” Click here to search for MPCs on eBay

Akai ASQ10

“AKAI ASQ-10 MIDI Sequencer in very nice condition. New backlight. Operating System updated to the Roger Linn OS 3.10. The sequencer section is identical to that of an Akai MPC3000/60. Amazing fast workflow.” Click here to search for MPCs on eBay

Akai ASQ-10

“AKAI ASQ-10 MIDI Sequencer brains of Akai MPC60 Roger Linn. Selling for spares or repairs not working. NO RETURNS. The unit powers up and when I press play it makes a metronome click but does not play back to tempo. The external sync is off so it’s nothing to do with that. This unit is faulty to the best of my knowledge.” Click here to search for MPCs on eBay