Akai S1100 with 10MB RAM

“I am considering selling my Akai S1100 sampler. It has 5 MWords memory and runs OS4.30 as shown in the photo.
I bought this many years ago and used it a few times. However, it has not been used now for a number of years. Although I am tempted to keep it as I remember it being an excellent sampler and it also seems to be increasing in value, it seems a shame to have it sitting unused if someone can make use of it.
When it was last used, it was working fine. However, I am unable to test this sampler properly now as I no longer have any discs to use with it. I have an external Syquest 44MB drive with one cartridge which I can include in the sale as shown in the photo. Unfortunately I cannot find a SCSI cable to connect the drive so this is untested also – it worked the last time it was used but, like the sampler, it was several years ago.
I tried to format a floppy disc and the drive did format it but then it said the disc format was incorrect so not sure about this. I think it would be best to assume that the floppy drive is not working correctly.
I tried sampling a sound and this all seemed fine but could not save the sample due to the issues mentioned above.
The screen still looks fine and the sampler is in decent condition with some marks as shown in the photos.” Click here to visit listing on eBay