Akai S20

“Nice little Akai sampler from the 90s.

Not as easy or comprehensive to edit as an MPC & only a rudimentary sequencer, but you can instantly resample (or make the initial sample) at lower bit rates and use with another workstation or sampler. Great as a MIDI expander.

Recording at the highest 32kHz rate also gives really great results, this little unit sounds good, and it’s super quick to use and instantly loop if you get your timing right.

Editing is not quite so immediate, via the LED matrix & cursor buttons, but it’s a fairly straightforward little thing to use.

All the functions, pads and buttons work without issue, but I haven’t been able to format the one disc I have to hand. It goes through all 4 stages of the format procedure, and the drive appears to be working, but quits during the process itself. So haven’t been able to test the Load & Save functions to completion, but everything else is tested & working.”
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