Akai MPC 2000

mpc2000 “MPC in working condition. Includes power cord. There are slight problems with machine, including the left cursor button, 16 levels button, and Pad #1 do not work. These are easy to work around however and beats can still be made. The cover of the Note Variation fader is also missing. MPC is not slow and powers on quickly. A Midiman Midisport 2×2 Midi to USB converter is included for transferring beats onto computer into your DAW for mixing. Midi cable and USB cable included. Also a pack of 24 Fujifilm Multi-Colored IBM formatted floppy discs is included for saving sounds, programs, etc, and the startup floppy disc is in the MPC.” Click here to search for MPCs on eBay

Akai MPC 1000 with 128MB RAM

mpc1000128 “Selling my MPC 1000. I’ve had the drum machine for the past 3 years and I’m mostly using Ableton now to make beats. The MPC has 128 mb Ram expansion and JJOS V1 Installed. The bottom left two pads are hard to press and replacing the pads with bigger old school style pads would be great. Smoke free studio. Hit me up with any questions. Item is used and sold as is.” Click here to search for MPCs on eBay

Akai MPC 2000XL with Internal Card Reader

2kxl “Featured for sale is a fine example of the vintage AKAI MPC2000XL MIDI Production Center.

It has 32MB Memory, OS Version 1.2 installed, and it has also been fitted with a CompactFlash Card Drive for Data Storage..

This professional-quality equipment was acquired from the heirs of the owner of an operating recording studio, who liquidated the equipment in the studio after his passing.” Click here to search for MPCs on eBay