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Custom Akai MPC 2000 with 32MB RAM

“I bought a custom painted MPC2000 overseas and saved it as a collection item. It has a very cool finish. Comes with a sample of MPC3000, S950, and all the sounds of vintage rhythm machines of all time. This is a cool sound and looks that can compete with the AKAI sound MPC3000. The screen is also blue and it will be used just like the MPC3000. It is a well-maintained product with good operation. The floppy works well. All switches and sliders have been replaced, so the operation is good. We are doing maintenance and cleaning for this exhibition. It is good without any problems with buttons, pads, and sliders. You can use it with confidence because there are no lines or LCD burn defects on the screen and the LCD life is not short. Body Memory MAX / 32MB Instruction manual (as a bonus for rags) power cable Latest system disk Rhythm sample DVD More than 1000 rhythm sample DVDs (hip hop, techno, house, funk, JAZZ etc ..) Sampling drums (MPC3000, S950) from the famous rhythm machines of the past. It’s a great deal because you won’t buy any more samples! Only the above items will be listed. Buttons are broken or damaged in the second-hand market, sliders, pads are unresponsive, etc. I think that this product is in very good condition and can be used carefully. It is beautiful for its age. Although it is not related to the operation, there are scratches and dirt on the main body and screen, so please judge by the photograph.” Click here to visit listing on eBay