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Akai S6000 with USB Project Machine

I used this sampler for many years, but it’s not working properly any more.

Sampler powers on, and makes all the familiar internal sounds as it powers up, but the home screen is frozen and unresponsive to the buttons on the front panel. I don’t think it’s a problem with the (detachable) front panel, its buttons or its cable, as I’ve swapped out another front panel/cable from a similar model in good working order and the same problem occurs.

When I tested it this week, AkSys (software controller) was working at first in the sense that it ‘saw’ the sampler, but any attempt to control the front panel via AkSys failed. AkSys for a time during my test could see the internal HD and I managed to copy over quite a few files from the internal HD.

The sampler was even briefly galvanized into working order again (the home screen ‘unfroze’ and became responsive to the front panel buttons) when I highlighted two samples on the HD at the same time over AkSys, which suggests the problem might be related to the USB card?

But then upon powering down and powering up again the sampler was frozen as before on the home screen and AkSys stopped working altogether (it still works fine for the other sampler, so it’s obviously a hardware problem somewhere.)

The internal HD itself is I think probably fine, and contains a lot of very good sample libraries, Orchestral, but also some ‘Celtic’, ‘Early’ and ‘non-Western’. It must be at least 15Gb, but I can’t give you the exact size as the home screen is frozen!” Click here to visit listing on eBay