Akai S1100 Project Machine

“I purchased this a while back in a lot of rack gear with the intentions of fixing it back up.

I believe it has a problem with the power board. When connected to power and powered on there are no lights on the front panel at all. But if you have headphones connected you can hear a little bit of scratchiness with the volume pot when turned. Also when powered up there is a red light on inside the machine on the PSU board.

I have changed nothing since purchasing. Quite possibly it could just need a recap.

Unsure if the backlight is functional but there is a good case that it isnt.

Also there is a crude modification to what looks like an old harddrive. Please see the photos for more info.

It also has a little sticky residue on the front and a little ding on the top. Everything else looks in tip top shape and nothing looks to have been removed from the unit.

I would love to fix this and keep, but i recently lost my job so I’m clearing out a lot of my old projects. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay