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Akai S1000 Project Machine

“AKAI S1000 in passable cosmetic condition.
Asking price not entirely serious but parts included add up to over £600 elsewhere on eBay.
Make an offer on the whole thing or on whatever parts take your fancy … 2 x 8mb and 2 x 2mb RAM cards seem the obvious best bits.
Worked fine until it didn’t though inputs on XLR only. Arrived with a 3/4″ jack broken off in one of the jack inputs. Removed it but don’t advise sticking anything in there. One knob not original but a perfectly viable replacement. Don’t know if it was meant to have feet but it hasn’t any.
As I can’t guarantee anything now it won’t power on, so will refund cost of the item if returned but not postage in either direction, so offer accordingly”
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