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Akai MPC 3000 with 32MB RAM

” Akai MPC3000 Vintage Sampler- Led Display, Vailixi OS, 32mb RAM, SD Card reader.
Akai MPC in good working order .Two issues with this MPC.One is the backlight doesn’t work the second, the left stereo channel (record in) doesn’t work so recording/sampling could be done in mono.If you wanted to fix this issues I will give you the details of the person who is fixing MPC’s his name is Jazzcat.There is a way around this(thats what I do if I want my samples to be in stereo)I am loading the samples in to the MPC via CF card reader (which is included with working CF cards).The card reader is NOT HOT SWAP meaning you can’t remove the card when the reader is on!!!.What you need to do is put the ch car in to the reader turn on the reader than turn on the MPC and opposite when you want to turn off ,you turn off the MPC first then the reader and than you can remove the cf card!
Apart from that there was a lot of improvement done o this MPC software is updated to the lates OS new buttons and buttons tacts along with a lot of transistors and capacitor were changed for new which improved the overall sound of this grate machine!The price on the ebay for this model is over 3000£ So I am selling way cheaper because of this two issues which can be fixed for probably a 100£ if you will send this to Jazzcat to repair but Still can work on it the way it is as I described above.So happy bidding.Ask me if you have any questions.All the best!” Click here to visit listing on eBay