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Akai MPC 2500

“Reluctantly selling my Akai MPC 2500, due to my lack of time for producing. It’s time to let the next person have their time with it sadly.

It’s treated me very well, and was my right hand man for many years. It’s been kept very well and any knocks to the body were from a previous owner.

I will leave all the samples loaded onto it, as I spent a serious amount of money on them, and have curated an amazing bank of quality drums and samples for the next owner.

This MPC has been rigorously tested and everything works as it should, the only thing I can mention is below:

Pads One and Two do very rarely become slightly unresponsive, however a hard tap on them gets them working back to full performance again. The pad sensors are a very cheap and easy job to replace if this is an issue for you, however it never got in my way when using it.” Click here to visit listing on eBay