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Akai MPC 2000XL-SE1 with 32MB RAM, Internal Card Reader

“AKAI MPC2000xl Limited Edition
Relevant specs:
– 32MB of RAM
– New SD Card reader (I installed this myself, ordered from
** Note: You will have to properly format your SD card to be used in the MPC. It is not difficult to do and it’s much preferable to using a floppy drive. You can access up to 1GB of audio using this SD reader. Samples will have to be in the correct bitrate (I believe 8 or 16 bits). This can easily be done by re-exporting in a audio editor any samples higher than 16 to the lower bitrate. I’ve not had any issue with loading longer samples into the device and it’s workflow is surprisingly usable even in 2024. However, please not that the MPC2000xl was manufactured in the 1990s and is not going to be anything like what you are used to if you produce music in a DAW.
– Does not have 8 outs or any other expansion besides the SD reader.
– New buttons (also from I hand soldered them to the PCB. The plastic buttons that you actually see are new too, which is why they are all black with no purple buttons on the number pad.

– MPC2000xl unit
– Power cable
– Original floppy drive
– Firmware update floppy disk (You won’t need this but I’m including it anyways. The device is already ready-to-go with the latest update)”

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