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Akai CD3000XL with External Zip Drive

“AKAI CD3000XL, EB16, IB-304F, with expansion card. The main unit warranty, each instruction manual, and power cord are included.

The bonus is ZIP Drive (with 1 Disk) and SCSI cable AKAI CD-ROM Sound Library.

Even if you think of parts removal for EB16 and IB-304F, I don’t think there is a chance to get two at the same time, so if you can find value in these expansion cards, please consider it.

EB16, operation OK (Photo 5) Effect recognition.
IB-304F, operation OK (Photo 6) FILTER2 is recognized.

The CD3000XL main unit has been confirmed to have basic operation.
The basics are MIDI operation, sample playback & editing, normal use as a sampler sound source, threadeo & headphone out, CD-ROM reading, ZIP-Drive connection & reading and writing. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay