Akai MPC 2500

akaimpc2500 “The unit was tested and seems to be in functioning order. It powers on, The pads made sound when it was demonstrated by the customer that traded it in. ***a few buttons on the right side are not responding, there may be a loose connection, or internal disonnection**** we are not sure, so it is being sold as is with no returns. It has a custom skin (sticker) that can be removed.” Click here to search for MPCs on eBay

Akai MPC 1000 with 128MB RAM

” Ich verkaufe meinen Akai MPC 1000, er ist in gutem Zustand, ich habe ihn kaum benutzt. Er ist voll funktionsfähig, keine Schrammen, Macken oder Kratzer, auch keine Kaffeeflecken, Rauchspuren oder Tierhaare. Die Pads sind nicht abgenutzt.

Mit dabei ist der Netzstecker, eine 2 GB Compact Flash Card mit Samples, 128 MB installiertem Speicher und JJOS1 .

Viel Erfolg allen Musikern, DJs und Beatbastlern!” Click here to search for MPCs on eBay

Akai MPC 2000XL with Internal Zip Drive

2l “All buttons, pads, knobs, and faders are in PERFECT WORKING CONDITION.

This purchase includes:

-MPC 2000XL

-Power Cable

-Kanye Land Drums Zip Disk

-West Coast Drums Zip Disk

*This listing does NOT include Zip Drive.

I’m currently using a MPC 1000 so I no longer have use for this beautiful machine. Hopefully you can show it some love with creative energy as I did.” Click here to search for MPCs on eBay

Akai MPC 1000 with 128MB RAM

10 “works perfect. new pads/sensors. upgraded screen with the original screen included as well. 8 gb sd card for sample or track storage. power supply included. 128 mb upgraded ram. minor scratches. missing one slider knob but still usable as is. Used it flawlessly for several years. only owner. screen, pads, ram and os upgrades are $450+ alone. “ Click here to search for MPCs on eBay >

Akai MPC 2500 with 128MB RAM, DVD-ROM Drive Project Machine

2500 “Due to limited knowledge as this unit as is for parts not working, Please read!!!!!! DVD Rom doesn’t work, when sampling it records and stereo, but only outputs on the right side. I believe it’s something simple, but I’m not a technician. Due to my limited knowledge of this unit, is my reasoning for selling it as is for parts not working.

Unit has 128 MB memory maxed out
Thick pads installed
Extra-large screen with JJ OS 1.76 installed
Also has a hard drive installed
Includes AKAI carrying case” Click here to search for MPCs on eBay