Custom Akai MPC 2000 with External Jaz Drive

“I’m selling my custom made mpc 2000. Its painted all black (no labels because i know the buttons) with a brown finish on the bottom bar and a custom clear template screen for the digital screen. (you will have to order a original skin shell or template If you want the basic mpc 2000 metal shell template) It also is maxed out ram of 32b and a new digital screen. No need for a floppy boot up disk it comes with a scsi and a scsi disk that already has the boot up disk installed on the scsi disk drive. ( you will have to power up the scsi connect the scsi and load the scsi disk in your scsi first before you turn the mpc 2000 so it can load your boot up disk from the scsi) This is a great piece to have in your studio. You will know how to work it if you are familiar with the mpc gear. It comes with everything you see in the pictures. GREAT PIECE!!! ” Click here to visit listing on eBay