Akai S20 with 17MB RAM

akais 20 “This is my old S20 sampler. I’ve owned this since I was 17 when studying sound engineering at college (20 years ago) and it’s followed me around ever since. Now, I have to let it move on as life changes and we need our space and to follow our own journeys!

The sampler was upgraded to a whopping 17MB internal memory at purchase. It is fully functional and comes with the original UK mains adapter, yet it does look as used at it has been over the years. There are some minor scratches to the body along the edges and some discolouration but overall it is in a fair condition. It does not come in the original box or with any floppy disks. This is reflected in the lower sale price than other listings for the same device.

Despite being able to perform all of its functions within a DAW or software samplers, it actually feels nice to work away from a computer screen again with a more tactile device. I’m sure you’ll enjoy!” Click here to search for MPCs on eBay

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Akai S20 with Floppy Emulator

s20 “This auction is for this unique Akai S20 phrase sampler. Not only does it have the maximum memory upgrade (16MB upgrade taking it to 17MB total), but the floppy drive has been upgraded to a modern SD floppy drive emulator. This lets you store 1000s of ‘virtual’ floppy disks on one SD card!

The sampler itself is fully functional and sounds great – the classic AKAI S-series sound in a compact box. It has 16 sample pads, plus a basic internal sequencer. You can record and edit samples directly on the unit, and control it via the pads and via MIDI. Samples can be pitched and stretched to fit a particular BPM, and set things like loop points and release rate.

Personally I have always found the S20 more intuitive than the MPC series for quick sampling and jamming.

Note about how the SD drive works: The SD card drive is a floppy emulator. Instead of having a stack of floppy disks, you just have one SD card with 1000s of virtual floppies stored on it. However, you can still only save 1.44MB per virtual floppy, and it still takes the same time to save/load as it would on a floppy drive. ” Click here to search for MPCs on eBay

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