Akai MPC 2000XL with Internal Floppy Emulator

“Akai MPC2000XL Midi Production Center. It’s a little more old school than I wanted to mess with. I was able to get sounds on it and play them but didn’t get much further than that. It does play but I’m going to be selling it as is since I didn’t dig into it further. Includes the original Zip drive too. Feel free to message with any questions! Has a Gotex USB installed. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

EB-16 FX Card for Akai MPC 2000 / MPC 2000XL

“Selling my Akai MPC 2000(XL) EB16 effects card, as I don’t think I’ll be buying another Akai to put it in. I confirm that it is working. I’ve owned this very one since 2000. I pulled it from an Akai MPC 2000 that I was the 2nd owner of that I sold last year. This is a great effects card. It added a lot of texture to my drums and basslines! If I had an MPC without this effects card, the first thing I would do is INSTALL IT. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Akai MPC 2000XL MCD with 8-outs, Internal Card Reader

“AKAI MPC2000xl / travel case / dust catcher / SD card / 8 – outputs.

This unit was serviced last march by mpcstuff.com and has had replacement pads, buttons, and sd card reader also from mpc stuff.

8 outputs in the back for easier recording.

unit comes with a 1gb sd card with tons of drums on it to help you get started!

these are also the MPCStuff phat pads, not original akai pads.

This unit has very minor exterior scratches, as seen in last photo, and the arrow keys have only chipped the paint because trust me, you press those buttons a lot. they still work great, and the internal system works great, is FAST (because of the sd card), and have had 0 problems since i’ve gotten it which has been about 2 years now.”
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