Akai MPC 2500

” “Akai MPC 2500″Condition is “Used”.powers on displays everything i dont no to much about it (sold as is)looks to be working theres a chip on right hand corner look at picture 4 close in front of item has some scratches here and their power cords included.sold as is.no retuns.thank you” Click here to search for MPCs on eBay

Akai S2000 with 32MB RAM, 8-outs, EB-16, External Zip Drive

“Akai S2000 Sampler With Eb16fx Board And Ib208 Digital I/O Board. Condition is “Used”.

This is an Akai S2000 sampler that I have owned from new in the 90s. It has had very light home studio use only and none in the last 15 years and has been stored ina spare bedroom. It is upgraded with 32Mb (aka 16 mega-words) of memory, as well as the IB208 8 balanced output + digital I/o board. In addition it also has the EB16 FX board installed (see screen shot of effects menu).

Comes with wired in power cable and all original user manuals and disks. Also an os2.0 disk that was released later as an upgrade.

Everything is in excellent working order, the screen is original and the controls click through fine.

Finally a zip100 SCSI drive is also included with power supply and SCSI cable to connect to the s2000. Sadly I can’t find the disks I had for this so couldn’t test, but the green power light comes on.” Click here to search for MPCs on eBay

Akai MPC 4000

“AKAI MPC 4000 with charging cord. Condition is “Used”. Shipped with Fed-Ex. Turns on and functions fine but does freeze upon turning on which can be fixed by turning on and off once or twice & letting warm up. Has Q5 & Q6 knobs missing but the sliders still move fine! Other than those minor faults overall this a great stationary device! ” Click here to search for MPCs on eBay

Akai MPC2000XL with 32MB RAM, EB-16, 8-outs, Internal Card Reader

“Akai mpc 2000xl in Fantastic condition and Maxed out And Fully Refurbished.

Optional 8-output card installed.

Optional eb-16 fx card installed.

The Maximum 32mb ram installed.

Internal SD card drive installed.

Screen in amazing condition, super bright and with NO dead pixels.

(——The power button on the rear is missing but you just need to insert your finger into the hole that held it to power on/off.

This doesn’t affect the operation of the unit at all and a byproduct of this is you won’t accidentally switch the mpc off when you are attaching midi leads etc.——)

Refurbishment work:

Deep clean inside and out.

New MPC.com pad sensors fitted.

All under button tact switched replaced with new.

New Note Variation Slider,

New data Encoder,

Also Includes 1 Set of under pad ‘corx’ from mpc.com included but not fitted.

(These are used if you want the pads to be super responsive, although I didn’t feel they needed adding so i left them out of the refurb and you can install them on yourself if you choose or sell them on if not.)

Fully tested and working perfectly.” Click here to search for MPCs on eBay

Akai S3000XL with EB-16

“Akai S3000XL with EB16 filter and IB802P output board. Excellent condition all works well comes in original box with power lead full Ram new disk with operating system and with all Manuals. Well looked after owned from new has been boxed and stored inside for 15 years plus. Backlight may need replacing But I think its fine. ” Click here to search for MPCs on eBay