Akai MPC 3000

“For sale is my Akai MPC3000 Music Production Centre. I bought it about 18 months ago with the intention that my son would have it, but he’s lost interest in music now so it’s just lying around.

I’d call this one a working fixer upper. It works and has a new bright screen from Jazzcat, so you can definitely start producing music with it.

It will need a new tact switch for the Edit Loop button, as that requires a firm press to get it to work; I haven’t had issues with any of the other buttons.

I’d also recommend replacing the pads and pad sensors (easily obtainable). They all work, as I said you can definitely produce music with this MPC, but I think they’re original.

The only other issue I’m aware of is one of the screen hinges is broken. The screen still raises and folds down again (as shown in the pictures), but one side of the screen isn’t secured.

The floppy disk drive works and I’ll supply it with a box of HD disks.

It hasn’t had its memory expanded so it’s got the standard RAM.

OS is 3.10

Like I said, it’s a working fixer upper and is priced accordingly.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Akai MPC 5000

“Akai MCP 5000 drum machine sampler.
Comes with Original Manual, CD’s, Memory Cards
Expansion Memory, 10 Sample CD’s and 5 Memory cards full of sounds and memory.
Original box included
Awesome bundle for MPC aficionado or beginner
YouTube has several pro’s that vote this as the TOP MPC unit.
Slight pixelization as show in photo (no effect to performance of unit).
Rare find in this condition with these extras!” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Akai MPC 2000XL

“As it is a vintage item, it cannot be returned. If there is a problem, please repair it yourself and use it.

It is the main body of akai mpc2000xl. Limited model.

I used it in a smoking room.

There are also scratches. Please check the image.

Although there is a problem with the liquid crystal display, sampling, sequence formation, and input / output are possible.

It will be an exhibition of the main body and power cable (Oyaide), instruction manual (with graffiti), MO drive main body (without adapter), MO disk, floppy disk.”
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Akai MPC 1000

“I am selling my amazing Akai MPC1000 sampler/sequencer – a modern classic icon, used by the likes of Kanye West, DJ Shadow, Bonobo, Autechre and many, many more*… but if you’re looking then you probably already know that.

Trust me, this will change your musical game!

(*even little indie-electro bands from south London!)

The unit comes with a power cable (not pictured) and the original 128MB Flash Card containing the MPC Sound Library (over 100 drum samples and other sounds).

The Flash Card connects to your computer (I use a USB card reader) so you can add your own samples and sounds to the card, and very easily upload them to the MPC’s memory.

The unit is in perfect working order, with one or two very small imperfections to the casing, and one of its rubber feet missing, but this is easily replaced.

There is also some velcro on the bottom from where I used to attach it to a keyboard stand. I have left this on in case you want to do the same, as it’s a good idea to secure the unit to a stand if you’re using it live. I’ll include some new reverse velcro pieces in case you want to do this.

This is an amazing piece of musical equipment and I’m sad to be parting with it. It’s super powerful but super fun, with some serious capabilities under the hood.”
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Akai DPS12

The LCD in the DPS12 can be installed in the MPC 2000 and MPC 2000XL.

” Akai Professional DPS12 (Digital Personal Studio 12) – With Disc Drive – 12 Track Digital Portable Home Recording Studio

This is an all-original DPS12 multitrack recorder in used but good condition, with a disc drive to export your tracks to CD. Also included is a hard carry case for the DPS12 unit, a soft carry case for the disc drive, the power cables for both units, the scsi cable to connect the disc drive to the DPS12, and the original manual (which is is worn condition)

Some details about this model:
– 1/4 inch balanced inputs (so you can use 3pin mics and cables with an adapter). No phantom power on the mic inputs.
– MIDI inputs/outputs
– Optical in/out. Handy to import tracks to a larger computer based system for more editing.
– Editing and mixing can be done on this unit
– Display and controls all work”
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Akai S2000

“Das Gerät hat mich lang begleitet und immer funktioniert.
Durch Studioauflösung nun zum Verkauf.
Original Manual und Software sind dabei.
Speicher wurde nachgerüstet.
Gerät ist funktionstüchtig und hat einige Gebrauchsspuren.(siehe Fotos)
Seit dem Kauf nur im Studiorack eingebaut.” Click here to visit listing on eBay