Akai Z8

“Akai Z8 Digital Sampler and a Dell Laptop running AKSYS Software.
This is a superb sampler and has been used in a smoke free and pet free home studio. I will be really sorry to see this go, but I now have synths that can hold my samples, so this is just not getting the use it deserves.
It has the internal memory maxxed out at 512mb.
There is an 80gb hard disk fitted inside the sampler.
Everything works as it should.
There are some marks on the casing but when it is racked up you cannot see them.
Detachable front panel, leave the sampler in the rack, take the front panel to your desk and still be able to access the functions you need.
24/16 bit linear recording
44.1kHz, 48kHz and 96kHz sampling rates
64 Voice polyphonic
Stereo record in
Stereo outs
Digital I/O in
Digital I/O out
MIDI in x 2 MIDI Out/Thru x 2
Multitimbral operation, 32 independent midi channels via the 2 midi outs
2 x USB ports, 1 x host, 1 x slave
Headphone out
The sampler comes with:- Original box, user manual, mains lead, cable that connects the detachable front panel to the sampler and the original CD-ROM Sound Library disc.
But there is more- I am also including a Dell Inspiron 6000 Laptop with the sampler. This is running Windows XP and is able to run the AKSYS software programme allowing you to communicate with the sampler via the laptop, send and retrieve samples, create programs and multis in a much easier and visual way than doing everything direct on the sampler itself. It is a very good piece of software and makes working with the sampler so much easier.” Click here to visit listing on eBay