Akai S6000

“More from the studio spring clean clear out!!

So here is my old Akai S6000 Sampler, it really doesn’t get much use any more and has been sat in the rack doing very little for some time, apart from being moved to have some photos taken.

So its time to move it on to someone who will use it and get the most out of it.

These were top of the line spec back in the day.

This one has:

OS 2.0 you can get floppies of the upgrade to 2.14 on ebay.
(I’ve got some files I downloaded to update this previously but never got round to it, so I can send these to you if needed)

Two sets of midi in, Out & Thru (A & B)

16 Audio Outs + XLR Outs

Stereo Analog Ins Jack and XLR

Digital In’s and Outs

2 x Scsi connectors for external drives CD ROM Drives etc.

2 free slots to add expansion cards like the USB option I don’t have this but they come up on eBay.

72 MB RAM – it comes with 8MB built in and there are 4 expansion SIMM slots this ones got another 64MB in one slot but you can expand it up to 256MB.

128 Voices.

Great Sampler still incredible spec and can be expanded further.

Used condition its quite a few years old now, but works well, there are a few marks on the unit, some of the plastic bits that hold the screen on the front have snapped off over time but it does stay in place when attached.

I only have the long lead to connect the front panel as was using it away from the rack. but a short one can be found on ebay.

The little plastic lip on the mains supply has been snagged see the photo but this doesn’t affect the functioning of it.”
Click here to visit listing on eBay