Akai S2800 with 16MB RAM, Internal Floppy Emulator

“This rackmount sampler is the budget version of the S3000 (non XL) although this unit is pretty much maxxed out.
The full 16MB Ram is installed (2x8mb proprietary RAM boards) and this unit has the SCSI Breakout card and FX.

Has the latest v2.00 OS installed on internal EPROMS.

These samplers are quite sought after now as they have the same A/D converters found in the legendary MPC3000 workstations.

It has recently had a LED backlight upgrade so no more inverter whine or burning out EL Foils. The display is crisp and bright and easy to read.

Condition is pretty good and everything on this unit is fully working, only thing of note is the top cover is a little discoloured / weathered, and one
of the rackmount ears (bottom left) is slightly bent, but this will most likely go back to correct shape after being racked. (see pics)
The Dataknob has a scuff on it and the front white buttons have yellowed slightly.” Click here to visit listing on eBay