Akai S1000HD with 10MB RAM

” Akai S1000HD and DSC R 4000 Equipment bundle (230V AC) complete with six Akai Pro S1000 series Sound Library Disks:

Akai S1000HD (V2.0 software), 40MB internal HD, additional 8MB memory (10MB in total). Screen backlight is new. SCSI Interface card included which connects to DAC R 4000 19″ rack removable disk system.

SACSI lead included. Akai original manual included.

Sound library disks included:

ACL1001 Workstation/Drums/Percussion (24 vols)
ACL1002 Synthesizer/SWM (23 vols)
ACL1003 Orchestral/Strings/Brass (25 vols)
ACL1004 Orchestral/Woodwind/Choir (26 vols)
ACL1005 Piano/Keyboard/Organ (17 vols)
ACL1006 Guitar/Basses/Synth basses (22 vols)

All in full working order” Click here to visit listing on eBay