Akai MPC 60

“This MPC has been in storage for the last 20 years or so.

I powered it up and found a few issues.

It seems to be mostly working but since there are a number of issues I’m listing it as Parts/ Not working.

Things of Note:

– This is the 220 version from the UK. I will include the step up transformer I just bought this week.

– The disk drive is not working properly. When attempting to access the disk it sounds like it is trying to work but then reports back there is no disk in the drive.

– The main Left output doesnt seem to work. Right works, Mono works and All 8 individual outputs work just not the left. (‘Rec in’ also works)

– LCD looks dim

– ALL PADS and Buttons seem to work fine.

I opened it up and checked for loose cables but didn’t see anything but took some internal photos while it was open.”

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